Super Bowl 2024

7.0 2016

The Super Bowl in 2024 broke ratings records, becoming the most-watched telecast in history with 123.4 million viewers. Usher performed at the halftime show and got married in Las Vegas shortly after. Taylor Swift made an appearance at the Super Bowl parade and was seen dancing with Travis Kelce.

The sentiment from the left-leaning sources is overwhelmingly negative or critical, expressing anger, outrage, disappointment, and frustration towards the RFK Jr. Super Bowl ad, low Super Bowl ratings, Beyoncé's country music album, racism, Megyn Kelly, NFL editing, and Taylor Swift's super bowl party.

Outrage and criticism toward Usher's Super Bowl halftime show flop, the RFK Jr. Super Bowl ad, the blow to wealthy long-shot presidential candidates, and the left's attack on a Christianity-themed ad.

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The Super Bowl LVIII took place, featuring a match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. During the game, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was seen shouting at his coach, Andy Reid, on the sideline [The Poke]. The incident sparked memes on social media, with many fans speculating on the cause of the outburst [The Poke].

The game was watched by a record-breaking audience, becoming the most-watched broadcast in the US since the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 [Sky News][Bleacher Report]. The halftime show was headlined by Usher and Alicia Keys, with Usher's performance drawing praise for his showmanship and outfit choices [Variety][UPI].

Off the field, Taylor Swift and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce confirmed their relationship on TikTok after the Super Bowl party [E! News][Heavy.com]. Swift was also seen leaving Las Vegas on a private jet following the game [TMZ].

In other news, Usher and his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Goicoechea, got married in Las Vegas after Usher's Super Bowl halftime performance [Fortune][ET Online]. Their marriage license became a topic of discussion on social media [The Star Tribune][Bet.com].

The Super Bowl also featured several controversial ads, including one by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that stirred tensions within the Kennedy family [The Mary Sue][Boston Herald]. Cardi B's racy ad was also deemed too explicit by the NFL [The Root].

Overall, the Super Bowl LVIII was an eventful and highly-watched game, filled with on-field action, halftime performances, and off-field celebrity relationships and controversies.

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