Every new era deserves new tools.

Our Product

Break The Web is a live scoreboard of what's trending online powered entirely by machine. It tracks all the conversations the internet is having in real time, ranks them by virality, shows all the viewpoints for each one, and synthesizes them into unique AI summary cards that provide the essentials of every story instantly. It is the only platform of its kind.

Our Technology

Break The Web is enabled by a new data processing technology (CT-X) that sorts and ranks the internet by theme in real time with no human involvement. Our technology pairs perfectly with Large Language Models like ChatGPT, enabling them to process current events in real time and at scale. The AI-generated content you see in our product is a fusion of both technologies.

Our Mission

We have three goals: make it insanely easy for people to catch up on what’s happening in the digital world, bring everyone to the same table in an age of echo chambers, and create a news consumption experience as thrilling as TikTok because grown-ups deserve great apps, too.

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