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The story highlights the intense fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, with Al-Shifa Hospital becoming a center of attention due to allegations of hostages being held inside. The evacuation of premature babies from the hospital is also discussed.

The sentiment from the left-leaning sources is extremely critical and condemnatory.

Outrage and condemnation towards Hamas for using hospitals, such as Shifa Hospital, to detain hostages and carry out attacks. Frustration with President Biden for allegedly making a deal with Hamas.

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The story revolves around the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. On November 19, Israel announced that they had discovered a 55-meter fortified tunnel under Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza [Reuters]. This discovery raised concerns about the safety of patients and staff in the hospital.

On November 20, heavy fighting broke out around Al-Shifa Hospital, with reports of gunfire and explosions [The Globe and Mail]. The hospital, which is the largest in Gaza, was sheltering scores of trauma patients who were unable to be evacuated [The New York Daily News]. Reports emerged that the hospital had come under shelling, resulting in the deaths of at least 12 people [Chicago Tribune]. The situation in the hospital was described as a "nightmare" by the families of patients and hostages [France 24].

Amidst the fighting, 31 premature babies from Al-Shifa Hospital were successfully evacuated to Egypt [NBC News]. The infants were flown to Egypt through the Rafah Crossing with the help of international organizations [Global News]. However, many other patients, including trauma patients, remained trapped in the hospital due to the ongoing violence [The Seattle Times].

There were also reports that Hamas had taken hostages, including foreign nationals, within the hospital. Israel claimed that a soldier had been executed by Hamas while attempting to rescue the hostages [ABC News]. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett accused Hamas of using the hospital as a "human shield" [The Guardian].

The international community expressed grave concern about the situation. The United Nations and the World Health Organization called for the protection of medical facilities and the safe evacuation of patients [Sky News]. U.S. President Joe Biden faced criticism domestically for his handling of the conflict, with approval ratings hitting their lowest point [Hindustan Times].

Negotiations for a deal to free the hostages in Gaza were reportedly underway, but it was unclear whether an agreement had been reached [The Sydney Morning Herald]. The situation remained tense and uncertain, with both sides continuing to exchange fire [Al Jazeera].

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