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Former President Donald Trump's appeal to lift the gag order in the Jack Smith election interference case faced skepticism from judges. The court seemed inclined to keep restricting Trump's trial speech but may narrow the gag order. Trump's lawyers argued that the order violated his First Amendment rights.

Left-leaning sources expressed intense criticism and skepticism towards Trump's appeal of the gag order, describing it as frustrating, not going well, and facing a sceptical reception in court. They also highlighted his alleged incitement of insurrection and expressed concern over his potential endorsement of Greg Abbott for the 2024 election.

Right-leaning sources are critical of the federal appeals court panel, calling them weak, blasting the judge, and signaling a showdown, while also expressing support for Trump and asserting that the court weakened voting rights.

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Former President Donald Trump's legal team appeared before the DC Circuit Court of Appeals to argue against the gag order placed on him in a federal election interference case. The gag order, issued by Judge Emmet Sullivan, restricts Trump's ability to make public statements about the case [LATimes]. During the hearing, Trump's attorneys argued that the gag order violated his First Amendment rights and that the order was too broad and impeded his ability to present a full defense [RawStory]. They also asked the court to remove Judge Amy Berman Jackson from the case [RawStory].

The appeals court judges seemed inclined to keep some restrictions on Trump's public statements but suggested that the gag order could be narrowed [LATimes]. They questioned whether the order should be limited to specific topics and whether there could be a process to allow Trump's attorneys to review his statements before they are made public [Washington Examiner]. Some legal experts speculated that the court may loosen the gag order but still impose limitations on Trump's speech [RawStory].

The hearing also addressed a motion filed by prosecutors asking the court to hold Trump in contempt for violating the existing gag order. The motion cited numerous public statements made by Trump that they argue were in violation of the order [Gateway Pundit]. Trump's legal team, however, argued that the statements did not violate the order and that the motion was baseless [MSN].

In addition to the gag order hearing, Trump's lawyers also made arguments in a separate case involving the release of documents related to the January 6th insurrection. They asked for the involvement of Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis, who is investigating Trump's alleged criminal conduct in that state, to be limited [AJC]. Trump's legal team also faced skeptical questioning from judges in the ongoing case involving Trump's attempt to challenge the results of the 2020 election in Colorado [RawStory].

Outside of the courtroom, Texas Governor Greg Abbott publicly endorsed Trump for the 2024 presidential election during a joint appearance near the border [Newsmax]. Abbott praised Trump's policies and leadership, stating that he was the best candidate to secure the border and address other pressing issues [Washington Times].

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