Biden Thanksgiving

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President Biden celebrated his 81st birthday by pardoning two turkeys in the White House, continuing the tradition. He also made a joke about his age, confusing Taylor Swift with Britney Spears. The event received widespread coverage and discussion.

Left-leaning sentiment: Joe Biden's age is a non-issue and those who criticize his stamina and ability to be president are engaging in ageist claims.

Right-leaning sources express frustration and ridicule towards President Biden's confusion and rambling during public appearances, highlighting his age and lack of competence.

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President Joe Biden celebrated his 81st birthday by participating in the White House tradition of pardoning Thanksgiving turkeys. The event took place in the Rose Garden, where Biden spared two turkeys named Liberty and Bell from becoming Thanksgiving dinner [The Globe and Mail]. The turkeys were raised in Minnesota by Jennie-O, a subsidiary of Hormel Foods, and were presented to the President by the company's CEO [Star Tribune]. Biden, accompanied by First Lady Jill Biden, remarked on the importance of unity and gratitude during the holiday season [People].

In addition to the turkey pardon, President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited Naval Station Norfolk to serve Thanksgiving dinner to service members. This event was part of their efforts to show appreciation for the military and strengthen the bond between the administration and the armed forces [Washington Examiner].

Thanksgiving travelers received tips and advice for road trips and air travel. The articles emphasized planning ahead, checking travel restrictions, and being prepared for potential delays and crowds. Experts recommended leaving early, allowing extra time for potential traffic, and keeping safety precautions in mind [The Inquirer] [St. Louis Post-Dispatch].

Meanwhile, the cost of Thanksgiving dinner has been rising in recent years, driven by increased costs of ingredients and transportation. The rising price of turkey, along with other staple items, has contributed to the increased cost of the holiday meal [Washington Examiner].

Overall, President Biden's Thanksgiving celebrations included the turkey pardon, serving Thanksgiving dinner to service members, and emphasizing unity and gratitude during the holiday season. Travelers were provided with tips and advice to help make their journeys smoother, while also being mindful of the rising costs of Thanksgiving dinner.

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