Shakira Settlement

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Shakira has settled her Spanish tax fraud case without going to trial. She agreed to pay a fine of €14.5 million ($16 million) to avoid potential jail time. The settlement allows her to focus on her children.

Shakira's tax fraud case settlement is seen as a disappointing and unjust outcome by left-leaning sources, who are critical of the lenient deal and lack of accountability.

Shakira avoids prison and maintains innocence in tax fraud case.

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Shakira, the Colombian singer, has reached a settlement in her Spanish tax fraud case, avoiding a trial. The settlement involves Shakira paying €14.5 million ($16 million) in fines and back taxes [Global News]. The case stemmed from allegations that Shakira had evaded taxes in Spain by claiming to live in the Bahamas while actually residing in Barcelona [ABC7 Chicago]. If convicted, Shakira could have faced up to eight years in prison [Firstpost].

The settlement was reached on the first day of the trial, just as proceedings were about to begin [Telegraph]. Shakira appeared in court and made a statement, expressing her willingness to resolve the case and avoid a trial for the sake of her children [E! Online]. The judge accepted the settlement, which includes a suspended prison sentence and a hefty fine [ABC News].

The tax fraud case against Shakira has been ongoing for several years. Spanish authorities accused her of evading taxes between 2012 and 2014 [EW]. Shakira denied any wrongdoing and argued that she had complied with all tax obligations [TMZ]. However, prosecutors alleged that she had failed to pay taxes on income earned from her worldwide fame, including concert tours, music royalties, and brand endorsements [CBS News].

Shakira has a reported net worth of $300 million [In Touch Weekly]. She is one of the most successful Latin pop stars in the world, known for hit songs like "Hips Don't Lie" and "Whenever, Wherever" [The Guardian]. Despite the settlement, she will still face an investigation by the Spanish tax authorities for potential tax irregularities in subsequent years [Variety].

The resolution of the case allows Shakira to avoid a lengthy and public trial, which could have damaged her reputation and career [Streogum]. In her statement to the court, she expressed her desire to focus on her music and her children [Us Magazine]. Shakira's legal team has indicated that she intends to comply with all tax obligations moving forward and resolve any outstanding issues [Forbes].

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