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The New York Jets have benched struggling quarterback Zach Wilson and will start Tim Boyle in their upcoming game against the Miami Dolphins. This decision has sparked discussion among NFL fans and media outlets.

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The New York Jets have decided to bench struggling quarterback Zach Wilson and start Tim Boyle in Week 12 against the Miami Dolphins. Wilson, who has been struggling with his performance, was benched during the third quarter of the Jets' previous game against the Buffalo Bills [The Guardian]. The decision to bench Wilson comes after a series of poor performances and an underwhelming season for the young quarterback [New York Daily News].

Tim Boyle, who was signed by the Jets in the offseason, will take over as the starting quarterback for the team [Pro Football Rumors]. This will mark Boyle's first start for the Jets since joining the team. The decision to start Boyle was made in an effort to shake things up and give the offense a fresh start [Gang Green Nation].

The news of Wilson's benching has received mixed reactions from fans and pundits. Some believe that the decision to bench Wilson is overdue, citing his inconsistency and lack of progress as a reason for the change [Sportskeeda]. Others feel that Wilson has been unfairly criticized and that the team's offensive struggles cannot be solely attributed to him [Bleacher Report].

Head coach Robert Saleh has not yet confirmed whether Wilson's benching will be temporary or if the team plans to stick with Boyle for the foreseeable future [NJ.com]. The Jets have been struggling as a team this season, currently holding a record of 2-8, and are looking for any spark to turn their season around [Deseret News].

Boyle, who was previously with the Green Bay Packers and played as the backup to Aaron Rodgers, is known for his strong arm and mobility [TMZ]. Although he has limited experience as a starter, he will have the opportunity to showcase his skills and potentially secure the starting role going forward [Las Vegas Sun].

Overall, the decision to bench Zach Wilson and start Tim Boyle reflects the Jets' desperate attempt to find a solution to their offensive woes and turn their season around. The move has generated significant interest and discussion among fans and analysts as they wait to see how Boyle performs as the team's new starting quarterback.

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