Cargo Ship Hijacked

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Houthi rebels in Yemen have hijacked an Israeli-linked cargo ship in the Red Sea, taking 25 crew members hostage. The incident has raised concerns about escalating tensions in the region and the potential involvement of Iran. The ship was reportedly carrying a large quantity of cocaine hidden in its hull.

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Yemen's Houthi rebels have hijacked an Israeli-linked cargo ship, the Galaxy Leader, in the Red Sea and have taken 25 crew members hostage. The ship, owned by Zodiac Maritime, was en route from the Saudi port of Jeddah to India when it was seized by the rebels [MarketScreener]. The Houthi rebels claim that the ship belongs to Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer [Forbes Middle East]. Israel has blamed Iran for the attack, although Iran denies any involvement [Reuters]. The Japanese-operated ship, Nippon Yusen, was also seized by the rebels [Japan Times].

The hijacking has led to tensions in the region, with fears that it could escalate into a broader conflict. Israel has accused the Houthi rebels of carrying out acts of terrorism in the Red Sea and has warned that there will be a serious response to the attack [Standard].

Multiple countries have been involved in efforts to secure the release of the crew members. Japan has been in direct contact with the rebels and has been working to resolve the situation [Al Jazeera]. The United Arab Emirates has also offered its assistance in resolving the crisis [The National News].

The hijacking of the ship is the latest incident in the ongoing conflict in Yemen, where the Houthi rebels are fighting against a Saudi-led coalition. The rebels have been accused of carrying out attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea in the past [BBC]. The seizure of the Galaxy Leader has raised concerns about the security of shipping in the region [MarketWatch].

The situation is still developing, and it remains unclear how it will be resolved. However, there are growing concerns about the impact of the hijacking on regional stability and the flow of international trade in the Red Sea [The Guardian].

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