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Workers at the Big Three automakers (GM, Ford, and Stellantis) have ratified new labor contracts with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union. The contracts include wage increases and other benefits for workers at the companies' US auto plants.

Workers at Detroit's Big 3 have overwhelmingly ratified their labor contract, securing critical gains and protections for the working class against corporate greed and exploitation.

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The United Auto Workers (UAW) union announced that its members at the Detroit Three automakers - Ford, General Motors (GM), and Stellantis - have ratified new contract agreements, avoiding a potential strike. The agreements cover around 140,000 workers and will run until 2027 [Reuters].

The UAW reached separate contract agreements with each automaker. The contract with GM was approved with 64% of the votes, while the contracts with Ford and Stellantis were both approved with 69.3% of the votes [Freep]. The agreements include wage increases, bonuses, profit-sharing, and improved working conditions [HuffPost]. The ratified contracts will also provide job security and protect benefits for workers, as well as provide transition plans for electric vehicle production [Barron's].

The contracts were achieved after intense negotiations that lasted several weeks, including a seven-week strike at GM. This strike disrupted production and caused a significant financial impact on the company [Washington Post]. However, the agreements have now received broad support from the UAW membership, ensuring stability for the automakers moving forward [MarketScreener].

The ratification of these contracts is seen as a victory for the UAW and its members, as it provides improved wages and job security. It also highlights the union's success in securing provisions for the transition to electric vehicles, ensuring that workers will not be left behind in the industry's shift towards EV production [Politico].

The contracts will have a significant impact on the US automotive industry, as they set the stage for labor relations and production plans for the next several years. They also provide insights into how automakers will navigate the transition to electric vehicles and address the workforce's concerns during this transformation [TechXplore].

Overall, the ratification of these contracts signals a resolution of the labor disputes between the UAW and the Detroit Three, providing stability and security for both workers and companies in the US auto industry.

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