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Israel and Hamas are reportedly close to reaching a ceasefire agreement in the Gaza conflict. There are hopes for the release of hostages held by Hamas, and the US is warning Israel about the next phase of the war.

Left-leaning sources express outrage and condemnation towards Israel's actions in the Israel-Hamas conflict, emphasizing the mistreatment of Palestinians and the violation of human rights.

Right-leaning sources: Positive sentiment: "ISRAEL AND HAMAS CLOSE TO DEAL TO RELEASE HOSTAGES!" Negative sentiment: "Netanyahu ally condemns hostage deal idiocy," "Biden says Hamas hostage deal looking good," "Israeli government to approve deal, 4-day pause for 50 hostages," "White House issues brutal response to inappropriate nickname anti-Israel critics."

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The Israel-Hamas conflict continues to escalate, with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claiming to have completed the encirclement of the Jabalia area in Gaza [EuroNews]. Negotiations for the release of dozens of hostages, mostly women and children, are reportedly underway, with an imminent deal expected [The Star]. The ongoing violence and trauma in Gaza are vividly portrayed in a poem titled "Where is Mosab Abu Toha?" which has been translated into 21 languages [lithub.com]. Meanwhile, South Africa has accused Israel of war crimes and genocide, calling for an end to the violence [News.com.au].

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed optimism regarding the progress in securing the release of the Gaza hostages [Firstpost]. As the conflict unfolds, there has been a significant power struggle between Israel and Hamas, with north Gaza experiencing power and water shortages for weeks [Chicago Tribune]. The Al-Qassam fighters continue to inflict casualties on Israel, with nearly 70 IDF soldiers reported killed in ground fighting [Hindustan Times].

Political pressure is mounting on Netanyahu to reach a truce and secure the release of the hostages [The Guardian]. Images of Gaza's pride flag have reignited the debate on "pinkwashing" – the alleged attempt to distract from human rights abuses against Palestinians by promoting LGBTQ+ rights in Israel [France24]. Humanitarian conditions in Gaza deteriorate as the Israeli troops battle militants across the region, including near hospitals sheltering thousands of people [West Hawaii Today]. Amidst the conflict, there have been calls for urgent international intervention to ease the crisis in Gaza [Hong Kong FP].

International leaders are closely following the developments, with Vice President Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff holding a fundraiser in support of Israel [Deadline]. President Joe Biden has expressed his belief that a deal to free some hostages from Hamas in Gaza is near [News Nation Now]. The IDF has released the names of three soldiers killed in the fighting with Hamas [Las Vegas Review-Journal]. Efforts to locate Hamas command centers, such as at the Shifa Hospital, have been ongoing [Montreal Gazette].

In the midst of the conflict, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has called for urgent steps to ease the crisis in Gaza [BBC News]. President Biden has affirmed his support for a negotiated settlement and expressed concern for the wellbeing of civilians caught in the crossfire [Standard]. The plight of Palestinians under Israeli occupation in the West Bank has also gained attention [ABC News].

As the conflict intensifies, the hope for a ceasefire and the release

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