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Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke revealed that the studio was initially unimpressed with Robert Pattinson's looks and wanted him to be hotter for the role of Edward Cullen. Kristen Stewart crashed Pattinson's recent birthday party, leading to a Twilight reunion. Pattinson is now expecting his first child with girlfriend Suki Waterhouse.

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The articles discuss various aspects of the Twilight franchise and its actors, particularly Robert Pattinson. One article from Vanity Fair highlights how Twilight was always a "beautifully weird indie in blockbuster clothing," discussing the unique and unexpected success of the film series [Vanity Fair]. Another article from the New York Post claims that Pattinson was criticized by Twilight executives for not being "hot" enough and being out of shape [New York Post].

There are also mentions of Pattinson's personal life. People magazine reports that Kristen Stewart crashed Pattinson's recent birthday party, according to the Twilight director [People]. Hello Magazine reveals that Pattinson has purchased an incredible Spanish home with his partner, Suki Waterhouse, as they prepare to raise their baby [Hello Magazine].

In terms of Pattinson's concerns, Cinema Blend discusses his worries about meeting fans' expectations for his portrayal of Edward in Twilight [Cinema Blend]. Similarly, InStyle Magazine reports that Twilight executives were concerned that Pattinson was not attractive enough to play Edward Cullen, the film's male lead [InStyle].

The casting process for Pattinson's role is also discussed. People magazine reveals that the Twilight director had concerns about Pattinson's looks for the role of Edward [People]. Movieweb notes that the studio initially wanted to make Pattinson "hotter" for the film [Movieweb].

Additionally, there are articles that reveal behind-the-scenes secrets of the Twilight franchise. Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the first Twilight film, shares her experiences and discusses her disappointment with the direction the sequels took [EW] [Deadline].

Lastly, there are articles that touch on Pattinson's thoughts on Twilight. InStyle reveals that Pattinson has expressed his dislike for the franchise [InStyle]. However, US Magazine highlights the enduring popularity of the Twilight franchise by featuring an article about the "Cullen family" and where they are now [US Magazine].

Overall, the articles discuss various aspects of the Twilight franchise, including its unique success, the criticism faced by Robert Pattinson for his looks, his personal life, his concerns and worries, the casting process, and behind-the-scenes revelations.

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