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The story revolves around the COP28 climate talks hosted by the UAE, which has faced criticism for its limited protests and high air pollution. King Charles warns of climate tipping points, while German Economy Minister cancels trip due to budget crisis. Activists march for climate in Brussels.

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The 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) is taking place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and is focused on climate change and sustainability. However, there have been various controversies and protests surrounding the event.

King Charles of the United Kingdom, in his opening speech, warned about the dangers of climate tipping points and the urgency of taking action [Eco-Business]. The UAE, as an autocratic host, has allowed limited protests at the summit, which is seen as a departure from its usual strict control over dissent [The Globe and Mail].

German Economy Minister Olaf Scholz canceled his trip to COP28 due to a budget crisis at home, and his request for co-leader Annalena Baerbock from the Green Party to also skip the event was met with criticism [Latestly].

One major point of contention is the UAE's stance on fossil fuels. UAE energy tsar Sultan Al Jaber dismissed the idea that phasing out fossil fuels would limit global warming to 1.5C, leading to outrage among environmental activists and critics [The Daily Mail]. Al Gore, former US Vice President and climate activist, criticized the UAE for its soaring emissions and accused it of abusing its role as the host country of COP28 [The Washington Examiner].

Protests have taken place in Brussels, with tens of thousands of people demanding action on climate change [France 24]. Some protesters in Gaza also expressed their frustration at the conference [France 24]. Additionally, there have been protests and marches in various cities around the world, including Brussels, aiming to raise awareness about the climate crisis [The Straits Times].

The health impacts of climate change have been a focus at COP28, with discussions on the contagious effect of climate change on human health [The Boston Globe]. African leaders have stressed the need for robust climate adaptation financing [Business Insider Africa]. There has also been a call for greater action on climate-linked health risks and insurance reform from delegates like Hillary Clinton [Reuters].

Air pollution and smog have been issues in Dubai, with the city experiencing high levels of pollution during the summit [France 24]. Pope Francis has also called for world religions to unite for the environment [Channel News Asia].

Overall, COP28 has been marked by controversies, protests, and discussions on various climate-related issues, emphasizing the urgent need for global action on sustainability and climate change mitigation.

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