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"The Golden Bachelor" winner Gerry Turner faces allegations from his ex-girlfriend Leslie Fhima about his misrepresentation of his career and fat-shaming behavior. Turner and his fiancée Theresa Nist are moving to Charleston for their televised wedding. Fans speculate about the authenticity of the show and demand a prenup for Turner and Nist.

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Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner addressed allegations made by his ex-girlfriend about his behavior and treatment of women. [The Daily Beast]

Turner's former girlfriend, Leslie Fhima, spoke out against him, accusing him of mistreating her and other women during their relationship. Fhima called Turner a "liar" and stated that he had misrepresented his career on the show. [PopCulture]

Another ex-girlfriend of Turner, Faith, took to social media to congratulate him on his new relationship with Theresa Nist. She expressed her support for their relationship and wished them happiness. [Bustle]

Turner addressed the allegations made by his ex-girlfriend and denied any wrongdoing. He stated that he takes these accusations seriously and that he values respect and consent in all relationships. [Heavy]

In response to the allegations made by Turner's ex-girlfriends, Nist released a statement supporting him and his character. She stated that she trusts Turner and believes in their relationship. [Bustle]

After choosing Nist as his final pick on the show, Turner revealed that they will be moving to Charleston, South Carolina, for their life together. They are currently looking for their dream home in the area. [Cinema Blend]

Turner discussed his decision to propose to Nist and open up about his past relationships on the show. He stated that he wanted to be honest and transparent about his experiences, even if it meant facing criticism. [Newsday]

In an interview, Turner opened up about his past marriage and divorce, explaining that he learned valuable lessons from the experience. He expressed his commitment to making his relationship with Nist work and discussed the importance of communication. [Daily Mail]

Turner also addressed claims that he misrepresented his career on the show, stating that he stands behind everything he said about himself. He acknowledged that people may have different interpretations of his words, but he believes he was honest about his background. [Us Weekly]

Turner's ex-girlfriend, Theresa, accused him of fat-shaming and lying during their relationship. She claimed that Turner made derogatory comments about her weight and lied to her about various aspects of his life. [Us Weekly]

Fans of the show have called for Fhima to be chosen as the next Golden Bachelorette, citing her outspokenness and the drama surrounding her relationship with Turner. [Screen Rant]

Trista Sutter, the first Bachelorette, shared her thoughts on Turner's relationship with Nist. She expressed support for the couple and reminded everyone that

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