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The US Senate is advancing an aid package for Ukraine and Israel, despite opposition from some Republicans. Ukraine accuses Russia of using Elon Musk's Starlink terminals to aid its invasion. Ukraine's military says it has destroyed 14 Russian drones. Russia launched a barrage of 45 drones over Ukraine.

Left-leaning sources view the Senate aid package to Ukraine as crucial and overdue, highlighting Republican opposition and the urgency of supporting Ukraine against Russia's aggression.

Outrage and disgust at the Senate advancing a $95 billion aid package and the Russian drone attack over Ukraine, with calls for action and condemnation.

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The story revolves around several key events. First, it is reported that Russia has launched a barrage of 45 drones over Ukraine [Voanews]. Ukraine's military claims that its air defenses have destroyed 14 Russian drones [Voanews]. Ukrainian officials also allege that Russian forces are using Elon Musk's Starlink terminals near the front [Fortune]. Musk denies these allegations [Newsweek].

In the midst of this conflict, the US Senate is pushing forward with an aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan [Newsmax]. The aid package clears a key procedural vote in the Senate [Channel News Asia]. However, there is opposition from some Republican lawmakers, including former President Trump [Forbes].

The timing of the aid package is seen as crucial as Russia's aggression in Ukraine increases. The passage of the aid package is seen as a message to Russia [Newsmax]. The Senate's actions are said to be watched closely around the world [The Hill].

The reports of Russian drones and the alleged use of Starlink by Russian forces in Ukraine have sparked international attention. Ukraine claims to have proof of Russian troops using Starlink, while SpaceX denies the allegations [Forbes]. EU leaders are reported to have phoned a pro-Putin member and sent crash threats over the Ukraine aid hurdle [Hindustan Times].

Overall, the story highlights the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the increasing use of drones in the conflict, and the US Senate's efforts to provide aid to Ukraine. It also addresses the controversy surrounding the alleged use of Starlink by Russian forces and the opposition to the aid package from some US lawmakers.

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