Biden's Memory

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Joe Biden's classified documents allegedly provide more evidence of Hunter's pay-to-play scandal, which is being defended by VP Harris. Biden's legal team complains about unnecessary attacks on his memory, while concerns about his age and mental acuity grow. There is also debate over the credibility of the Special Counsel report.

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The sentiment from the right-leaning sources is that Joe Biden and his family engaged in pay-to-play corruption, and there is outrage over the double standard in the handling of classified information between Biden and Trump.

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A recent report reveals that classified documents from Joe Biden's time as Vice President provide further evidence that his son, Hunter Biden, engaged in pay-to-play schemes. The report suggests that Hunter Biden used his father's position to secure lucrative deals with foreign countries in exchange for political favors.[1]

In response to the report, Vice President Kamala Harris defended President Biden and criticized the special counsel's findings. She argued that the report was politically motivated and lacked credibility.[2]

Biden's legal team has taken issue with the report, claiming that it contains cherry-picked information and unnecessary digs at the President's memory. They have raised concerns about the objectivity and fairness of the investigation.[3]

Critics of Biden, including political commentator Bill Maher, have warned about his electability and the potential impact of his age and mental acuity. They argue that these factors may hinder his chances in future elections.[4] The issue of Biden's age and mental acuity has become a focus in the media in light of the special counsel report.[5]

However, Biden's allies have dismissed these attacks on his age and memory as a "bucket of BS." They argue that he is fully capable of fulfilling his responsibilities as President.[6]

Biden's attorney has called the special counsel report a "shabby work product" and criticized the DOJ for what he views as a double standard in their treatment of Biden compared to former President Trump.[7]

Despite growing concerns about his age, Biden's campaign co-chair has stated that he will never quit and remains determined to carry out his duties as President.[8]

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has criticized the special counsel, Robert Hur, for his handling of the investigation. He argues that Hur showed bias against President Biden and failed to conduct a thorough and fair inquiry.[9]

Even Hillary Clinton has acknowledged the issue of Biden's age, stating that it is a legitimate concern for the American people.[10]

Biden's legal team has sought to address what they view as unfair attacks on the President's memory by approaching the Department of Justice. They claim that the report includes cherry-picked information that misrepresents Biden's cognitive abilities.[11]

Critics argue that the DOJ has shown a double standard, as they did not pursue similar investigations or raise concerns about Trump's mental acuity during his time in office.[12]

First Lady Jill Biden has come to her husband's defense, criticizing the special counsel report as "off the rails." She asserts that President Biden does not have any memory problems and is fully capable

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