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US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has been hospitalized for an emergent bladder issue. He has transferred his duties to his deputy but will continue to carry out his responsibilities. This comes weeks after a secretive hospital stay.

Concern and empathy for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's health condition and wishes for his speedy recovery are expressed by left-leaning sources.

Outrage: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin hospitalized again with urgent bladder issue, transferring power to deputy. This is a critical situation that demands attention and raises concerns about his health.

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US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has been hospitalized multiple times for an emergent bladder issue. Austin was first admitted to the hospital in late January and was released a few days later. However, he was readmitted to the hospital on February 2nd after experiencing additional symptoms related to his bladder. He returned to work on February 9th but was hospitalized again on February 10th [Firstpost; Geo TV; Fox News; Channel News Asia; TASS; News.com.au].

Austin's hospitalization has raised concerns about his health and ability to perform his duties as Secretary of Defense. However, the Pentagon has stated that Austin is retaining the functions of his office while in the hospital and has transferred some responsibilities to his deputy, so there is no disruption to the work of the Department of Defense [National Review; The Blaze; Post-Gazette; Daily Mail].

While the specific details of Austin's bladder issue have not been disclosed, some reports have suggested that he may be dealing with bladder cancer. However, the Pentagon has not confirmed or commented on these reports [The Times; MSNBC; NPR].

Austin's health issues come at a particularly busy and critical time for the Department of Defense, as the Biden administration is facing multiple national security challenges, including dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and addressing potential threats from adversaries such as China and Russia [The Gateway Pundit; VOA News].

There is widespread speculation about the impact of Austin's hospitalization on the Department of Defense's operations and decision-making processes. Some critics have argued that the Secretary of Defense should be in optimal health and have questioned whether Austin is fit to perform his duties. Others have defended Austin and expressed confidence in his ability to lead the Pentagon, citing his military experience and expertise [Washington Post; NBC News; The Daily Beast; USA Today; CNBC].

As of now, it is unclear when Austin will be released from the hospital and resume his full responsibilities as Secretary of Defense. The Pentagon has stated that they will provide updates on his condition as necessary [AP News; Boston Globe; Newsweek].

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