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John Kirby, the White House National Security Spokesman, has been promoted to an expanded role in the Biden administration. This move has sparked discussion and speculation about the administration's communication strategy and national security priorities.

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Right-leaning sources are critical of the White House's decision to promote John Kirby, with Breitbart calling it a "shameful" move, Fox News describing it as a "shakeup," and Newsmax questioning his qualifications for the role.

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White House national security spokesperson John Kirby has been given an expanded role under the Biden administration. Kirby, who previously served as the spokesperson for the Department of Defense under the Obama administration, will now not only be responsible for national security communications but will also serve as a senior advisor on strategic communications. [TASS]

Kirby's promotion comes as part of a wider shake-up in the White House communications team. The move is seen as an effort to bolster the administration's messaging on national security issues and improve coordination between various government agencies. [Fox News]

According to sources, Kirby's deep experience in national security and his ability to effectively communicate complex issues were key factors in his promotion. He is known for his clear and direct communication style, which has earned him respect among journalists and policymakers alike. [The Globe and Mail]

Kirby's new role will involve working closely with the White House Press Secretary and other senior officials to develop and implement strategic messaging on national security matters. He will also be responsible for coordinating communication efforts between different agencies and ensuring a consistent and coherent message is delivered to the public. [NewsNation Now]

The decision to elevate Kirby was made in recognition of his expertise and his successful track record in previous roles. He is widely regarded as a skilled communicator who can effectively articulate complex policy positions. The administration hopes that his promotion will help to strengthen their messaging and increase public confidence in their national security efforts. [San Diego Union-Tribune]

Kirby's expanded role is seen as a significant move within the administration, indicating their commitment to improving communication and coordination on national security issues. It also reflects the importance placed on effectively conveying the administration's policies and actions to the American people. [MyNorthwest News]

The promotion of Kirby also underscores the administration's focus on national security as a top priority. The White House is keen to ensure that their messaging on these issues is clear, consistent, and accurately represents their intentions and actions. Kirby will play a crucial role in achieving these goals. [Newsmax]

Overall, the expanded role of John Kirby as a senior advisor on strategic communications reflects the Biden administration's efforts to prioritize national security and improve communication and coordination across government agencies. Kirby's promotion is seen as a strategic move to boost the administration's messaging and increase public confidence in their national security efforts. [Las Vegas Sun]

In summary, John Kirby, the White House national security spokesperson, has been given an expanded role as a senior advisor on strategic communications. This move is part of a wider shake-up in the White House communications team and is

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