Cease-fire Progress

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Israel and Hamas are making progress in talks for a ceasefire and the release of hostages. The international community, including South Africa and the United States, is pressuring for a resolution to the conflict. President Biden welcomes the King of Jordan to discuss the situation.

Outrage and condemnation over Israeli attacks on civilians in Rafah amid calls for a lasting ceasefire, as Israel betrayed Palestinians by telling them to evacuate to Rafah only to bomb them.

Excitement and jubilation - Israel's successful hostage rescue mission and airstrikes against Hamas are celebrated as a victorious and necessary response to terrorism.

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In a dramatic hostage rescue operation, Israeli special forces raided a Hamas-held apartment in the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip. The operation resulted in the successful release of two Israeli hostages who had been held captive by Hamas for several months [France24]. However, the rescue operation also led to a significant number of casualties, with at least 67 Palestinians killed in the ensuing clashes [San Diego Union-Tribune]. The raid sparked concerns and raised questions internationally. China called on Israel to halt its military operations in Gaza, while a Bay Area man expressed concern for his relatives in Gaza due to the Israeli raids [San Diego Union-Tribune]. Hamas leader Abu Ubaida claimed that three hostages were killed in the Israeli bombing that supported the rescue operation [Hindustan Times]. Media outlets expressed worries about the Hamas terrorists who died in the Israeli raid and raised questions about the proportionality of the Israeli response [Frontpage Mag]. Pressure mounted on Israel to agree to a ceasefire in Gaza. The international community, including the United States, Egypt, and Qatar, renewed efforts to broker a ceasefire and end the ongoing conflict [News.com.au] [Hindustan Times]. Egyptian threats to suspend a key peace treaty with Israel added another layer of tension and uncertainty to the situation [Firstpost]. Denver City Council also called for a ceasefire in Israel and expressed concern over the escalating violence [Denver Post]. As the situation in Rafah continued to unfold, the hostage rescue operation dominated headlines and drew international attention. The Israeli army released a video showing soldiers entering a Hamas stronghold during the operation [Hindustan Times]. The implications of the Israeli raid and the ongoing conflict in Gaza were extensively discussed and analyzed. Some expressed concern over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, while others praised the Israeli forces for successfully rescuing the hostages [MSNBC] [The National News] [Newsmax]. The United Nations human rights chief warned of the potential huge implications of Israel's offensive in Rafah [Hindustan Times]. The rescue operation also had political ramifications. President Joe Biden welcomed the King of Jordan to discuss a framework for a potential hostage deal in the Israel-Hamas conflict [NewsNation Now]. Foreign secretaries and diplomats attempted to persuade Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to call off the offensive in Rafah [The Guardian]. Overall, the hostage rescue operation in Rafah sparked international concern and raised questions about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. The incident highlighted the complex and volatile nature of the situation and the challenges faced in

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