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Jon Stewart made a return to "The Daily Show" and received mixed reactions. He mocked President Biden's memory lapses and compared him to Trump. Some viewers criticized Stewart for his jokes about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Left-leaning sources are overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic about Jon Stewart's return to hosting "The Daily Show." They consider it a highly anticipated and game-changing moment for political comedy, praising Stewart's unique ability to tackle both Republicans and Democrats with his satirical and incisive approach.

Jon Stewart brutally criticizes Biden, exposing his age-related struggles and inability to remember basic facts, signaling a strong sentiment of frustration and disapproval towards the president.

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Jon Stewart made a return to hosting "The Daily Show," nearly nine years after leaving the show. The show aired on Comedy Central and was available for streaming on Hulu, Apple TV+, and YouTube [NPR]. In his opening monologue, Stewart addressed a variety of topics, including the aging of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, the Gaza conflict, and the future of the show. He poked fun at Biden's forgetfulness and inability to remember basic things, drawing comparisons to Trump's cognitive abilities [The Hill] [NY Post].

Stewart's return to "The Daily Show" received mixed reactions from viewers and critics. Some found his return refreshing and praised his satirical take on current events, while others felt that his comedic style had grown stale over the years [UnHerd] [Newsweek]. There was also controversy surrounding Stewart's comments on the Gaza conflict, with some accusing him of oversimplifying the issue and ignoring the complexities [Newsweek] [NY Times].

Overall, Stewart's return was seen as a highly anticipated moment in the world of comedy and political satire. Many praised his ability to address serious issues with humor and wit [Variety] [Vulture]. Others were critical of his approach, feeling that he was too focused on making jokes and not providing enough depth or nuance [Forbes Middle East].

Stewart himself explained his decision to return to "The Daily Show," stating that he felt a sense of responsibility to speak out and engage with the current political climate. He also expressed frustration with the media landscape and the lack of trust in traditional news sources [Men's Journal] [HuffPost].

In conclusion, Jon Stewart's return to hosting "The Daily Show" was met with a range of reactions. While some praised his comedic style and ability to tackle serious issues, others found his approach outdated or lacking in depth. Regardless, his return marked a significant moment in the world of comedy and political satire.

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