Farmers Protest

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Indian farmers are protesting in Delhi, demanding higher crop prices and the repeal of agricultural laws. Police have used tear gas and drones to disperse the protesters. The protests have intensified ahead of key elections. Concrete barricades and heavy security measures have been put in place to secure the capital.

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Farmers in India have intensified their protests against agricultural reforms, leading to heightened security measures in New Delhi [Firstpost]. Massive traffic jams were seen in the city as barricades were set up to prevent the farmers' march [Latestly]. The protests have been ongoing for several months, with the farmers demanding the repeal of new laws that they believe will hurt their livelihoods [Hindustan Times]. Tear gas was deployed by the police to disperse the protesters, leading to clashes between them and the security forces [France 24]. Tear gas was even dropped from drones to control the protests [Sky News].

The farmers' march, known as "Delhi Chalo," is part of a larger movement against three laws that were passed last year [Firstpost]. The laws aim to liberalize farming in India, allowing private investors to enter the agricultural sector [Channel News Asia]. However, the farmers fear that this will lead to the exploitation of small farmers by big corporations [France 24].

The protests have led to a multi-layered security deployment in Delhi, with concrete barricades and enhanced police presence [Latestly]. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has also closed multiple gates at eight metro stations [Latestly]. Security has been heightened at the borders of Delhi and in neighboring states, such as Haryana and Punjab [Hindustan Times]. Clashes between the farmers and the police have occurred at various border points, with tear gas and water cannons being used to disperse the protesters [Latestly].

The farmers are demanding the implementation of a minimum support price (MSP) for their agricultural products, which would provide them with a guaranteed income [Hindustan Times]. The issue of the MSP has been a key point of contention between the farmers and the government [Hindustan Times]. The farmers are also demanding the repeal of the new agricultural laws and the release of protesters who have been arrested during earlier demonstrations [ABC News].

The protests have caused widespread disruption, with major roads and highways being blocked [Hindustan Times]. The farmers have vowed to continue their protests until their demands are met [Canberra Times]. The government has held talks with farmer leaders, but no resolution has been reached so far [Marketscreener].

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