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Tiger Woods has launched a new apparel brand called Sun Day Red in partnership with TaylorMade Golf. The brand features a logo inspired by the sun and aims to provide stylish and functional clothing for golfers.

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Golf legend Tiger Woods has launched a new clothing brand called Sun Day Red in collaboration with golf equipment company TaylorMade. The line features a range of apparel, including shirts, hats, and accessories, all of which are inspired by Woods' iconic Sunday red outfit that he traditionally wears during the final round of tournaments [CBS News]. The brand aims to provide golf enthusiasts with high-quality and fashionable clothing options that can be worn both on and off the golf course [Dayton Daily News].

Woods' partnership with TaylorMade comes after his split with long-time sponsor Nike. The move allows Woods to have more control over his brand and design choices [The Guardian]. Woods has had input in the design process, and the clothing line reflects his personal style and preferences [Sportskeeda].

The logo for Sun Day Red features an interlocking "SDR" emblem. The design incorporates the letters "S" and "D" in a way that resembles the shape of a golf hole, creating a clever visual representation of the brand's connection to the sport [Sportskeeda]. Woods chose the name Sun Day Red as a play on his famous Sunday red attire, tying the brand to his successful golf career and his distinctive on-course fashion [Sporting News].

The launch of Sun Day Red has drawn attention and sparked discussions in the fashion world. Many industry experts and fans have praised the brand for its stylish and versatile designs, which cater to a wide range of golfers and golf enthusiasts [Hollywood Reporter]. The clothing line is expected to appeal not only to loyal Tiger Woods fans but also to a broader audience of golfers and fashion-conscious individuals [CNBC].

Overall, the launch of Sun Day Red marks an exciting new chapter in Tiger Woods' career and showcases his influence and expertise in the world of golf apparel. The brand is set to bring a fresh and fashionable approach to golf clothing, aligning with Woods' own personal style and iconic on-course image [New York Times].

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