House GOP Impeach Mayorkas

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House Republicans attempted a second impeachment vote against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, but the outcome is still uncertain. Mayorkas has faced criticism from Republicans over border security and immigration policies. Some Republicans believe the impeachment attempt is necessary to hold him accountable.

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Anger and frustration at House Republicans' failed attempt to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas, with some labeling it a betrayal and others expressing disappointment in their own party members.

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The House of Representatives failed to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in a second vote, despite efforts by House Republicans [CBS News]. The outcome of the impeachment vote remains uncertain [Boston Globe]. The House GOP plans to try again to impeach Mayorkas [AJC]. The vote on Mayorkas' impeachment came after the House GOP failed in a previous attempt [San Diego Union-Tribune]. Congressman Mike Gallagher, who voted against impeaching Mayorkas, announced his retirement [NY Post]. A special election will now be held to fill Gallagher's seat, which could serve as a bellwether for the November 2024 elections [Just the News]. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise returned to Congress after cancer treatment in time for the impeachment vote [CBS News]. The Republican impeachment effort against Mayorkas was criticized for being politically motivated [OAN News]. House Republicans faced backlash and criticism for their failed attempt to impeach Mayorkas [Raw Story]. Some Republican lawmakers expressed frustration and disappointment with the impeachment vote [Alternet]. The failed impeachment vote highlights divisions within the GOP [Washington Examiner]. House Republicans plan to continue pushing for Mayorkas' impeachment [Just the News]. The impeachment vote is seen as a reflection of the GOP's current state [The Blaze]. House Speaker Mike Johnson criticized Republicans for not coordinating their votes properly [Newsmax]. Congressman Jeff Van Drew expressed his opposition to the impeachment of Mayorkas [Newsmax]. Congressman Tom McClintock also opposed Mayorkas' impeachment [Newsmax]. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called on Congress to impeach Mayorkas [Newsmax]. The failed impeachment vote raises questions about Republican commitment to the issue [Breitbart]. The impeachment vote was deemed a "political theater" by some [NOLA.com]. The House GOP's failed attempt to impeach Mayorkas was seen as a blow to their credibility [The New American]. The House GOP's efforts to impeach Mayorkas were met with criticism and mockery [Washington Examiner]. Republican Congressman Doug Collins believes that there will be a trial on Mayorkas' impeachment [Just the News]. The impeachment vote on Mayorkas is seen as a reflection of the broken state of Congress [West Hawaii Today]. The GOP's failure to impeach Mayorkas is criticized as an example of their ineffectiveness [Fox News]. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy expressed regret over the failed impeachment vote [Raw Story]. Some Republican lawmakers believe that there will be a re-vote on Mayorkas' impeachment

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