Lizzo Clarifies

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Lizzo's viral "I quit" Instagram post sparked confusion as fans and media outlets speculated about her departure from music. The singer clarified that she was not quitting music but rather quitting negative energy, amidst ongoing legal issues with former dancers.

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Lizzo, the popular singer, sparked concern among fans when she posted an "I quit" message on Instagram [1]. Many news outlets reported on the announcement, causing a stir in the music industry [2]. Lizzo, however, clarified that her statement was not about leaving the music industry but rather about quitting negative energy [3]. This clarification came after her initial post was misinterpreted as a resignation from music [4].

Various media sources covered Lizzo's clarification, emphasizing that she is not quitting music [5]. TMZ, Billboard, and NBC News were among the outlets that highlighted Lizzo's intent to distance herself from negativity rather than music itself [6] [7] [14]. Her original post had caused confusion and concern among fans and the music community [8] [9].

Additionally, the confusion surrounding Lizzo's message led to further coverage, with Rolling Stone, The Hollywood Reporter, and Deadline all highlighting her decision not to quit music [15] [16] [17]. Variety and The Root also covered the clarification, further showcasing Lizzo's intention to remain in the music industry [18] [19].

Following the announcement, Lizzo faced backlash from dancers who were suing her for alleged sexual harassment [20]. The dancers’ lawyer dismissed Lizzo's original post as a joke, adding a new layer to the unfolding story [21]. Dance critics and websites like Bored Panda weighed in on the situation, discussing the impact of Lizzo's announcement on the ongoing legal battles [22]. This controversy generated coverage from various sources, shedding light on the complexities of the situation from different perspectives [23] [24]. Ultimately, Lizzo's clarification helped clarify the situation and dispel concerns about her future in the music industry.

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