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President Joe Biden and China's Xi Jinping discuss Taiwan, AI, and fentanyl in a call aimed at normalizing relations. The leaders address TikTok, Ukraine, and Pacific conflicts, signaling a push to return to regular talks despite differences on various issues.

Left-leaning sources express cautious optimism about the US-China relationship, highlighting the significant differences between Biden and Xi on various issues despite the attempt to stabilize diplomatic ties.

Skepticism and doubt prevail over Biden's phone call with China's Xi Jinping, with concerns towards potential inefficacy and insincerity, particularly regarding Taiwan, fentanyl, AI, and diplomatic relations.

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President Joe Biden had a crucial phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss various key issues and aims to normalize relations between their two countries. During the call, Biden broached important topics such as Taiwan, Artificial Intelligence (AI), TikTok, and fentanyl. Their conversation was intended to de-escalate tensions and reopen communication lines, following a period since their last formal talks in July 2022. The discussion surrounding Taiwan was notably significant, given China's territorial claims and the potential for conflict. Moreover, AI and technological advancements were key points of contention, alongside concerns over the ownership and operation of the popular social media app TikTok. Fentanyl, a potent and deadly synthetic opioid linked to the U.S. drug crisis, was another pressing matter addressed during the call.

Opinions on the effectiveness of Biden and Xi's conversation were mixed, with some expressing skepticism about the potential impact it could have on US-China relations. Despite the call being a notable step toward engagement, significant differences still exist between the two countries on a range of issues, indicating that more work needs to be done to address underlying conflicts [Fortune]. The White House emphasized that the phone call was candid and constructive, focusing on bilateral, regional, and global challenges [Hindustan Times]. While China and the U.S. aim to stabilize their relationship, various factors could influence their journey towards improved ties. Despite some positive signs, the road ahead remains complex [Geo TV, France24, MSNBC].

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