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"Yellowstone" actor Mo Brings Plenty's nephew, Cole, is missing since Easter and named a suspect in a domestic violence case. Co-stars like Cole Hauser are asking for help to locate him. The situation involves a mix of family concern, legal issues, and celebrity involvement.

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Yellowstone actor Mo Brings Plenty has reached out for assistance in locating his nephew, Cole, who has been missing since Easter [1]. Cole's disappearance coincides with a domestic violence investigation he was involved in, raising concerns for his well-being [2]. Mo Brings Plenty, who plays the role of Rainwater in Yellowstone, has expressed his distress over his nephew's disappearance and pleaded for any information that could help locate him [3]. Cole Bring Plenty's missing case has caught the attention of the public, with co-star Cole Hauser also joining in the plea for help to find him [4].

The situation has sparked worry and discussions on social media platforms, as people come together to assist in finding Cole Brings Plenty, who was last seen in 1923 [5]. Mo Brings Plenty's appeal for help to find his missing nephew has garnered support from both fans and fellow actors, aiming to spread the message across various channels [6]. The news of Cole's disappearance has also been featured in entertainment news outlets and online platforms, bringing attention to the situation [7].

As the search for Cole Brings Plenty intensifies, friends, family, and the public are encouraged to provide any information that could aid in locating him. The bond within the Yellowstone cast is evident as co-stars and fans come together to assist Mo Brings Plenty in his quest to find his missing nephew [8]. Cole Hauser, known for his role as Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone, has joined the effort to share information and reach out for help, emphasizing the urgency of the situation [9]. The ongoing search for Cole Brings Plenty highlights the importance of community support and raising awareness to ensure his safe return [10].

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