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The largest egg producer in the US halts production at Texas and Michigan plants due to bird flu outbreak. Concerns rise as bird flu is found in chickens, leading to depopulation efforts. A person in Texas is infected with bird flu after exposure to infected cattle, raising public health alarms.

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The largest fresh egg producer in the U.S., Cal-Maine Foods, found cases of bird flu in chickens at their plants in Texas and Michigan. Following the outbreak, the company halted production [1][2]. The discovery led to the depopulation of some hens at their Texas facility [10]. Furthermore, the halt in production extended to their Texas plant [5][6].

The situation escalated when bird flu was detected in a person in Texas who had been in contact with infected cattle, raising concerns about the spread of the virus to humans [13][20]. This incident marked the first known case of bird flu transmission from dairy cows to a human [14].

In a related development, concerns were raised about bird flu being transmitted to cows and potentially contaminating milk in Canada [7]. The situation attracted attention from animal welfare groups, with discussions about providing aid to affected animals [8].

These incidents have spurred significant alarm and swift action within the industry and public health sectors, as officials are closely monitoring the situation to prevent further spread of the virus [19]. The cases highlight the potential dangers associated with bird flu outbreaks and the importance of implementing effective measures to contain and prevent the spread of the virus to protect both animals and humans [22].

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