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Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell maintains cautious rate cut strategy despite inflation concerns. Markets react to US data, rate cut hopes. Dollar dips, Asian markets lifted. Powell emphasizes need for more evidence before cutting rates.

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The story across various financial news outlets revolves around Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's comments on interest rate cuts, inflation, and economic outlook. The markets responded to Powell's remarks in various facets.

Asian markets reacted positively to US data and the prospect of more rate cuts [1]. Despite the US dollar falling, there are concerns that the Rupee might still hit a record low [2]. The Dollar paused as the markets awaited US jobs data [3], with financials and rate cut expectations driving Australian shares higher [4].

Powell reiterated the Fed's cautious approach to rate cuts [5] and suggested there could be room for three rate cuts this year [6]. US stocks closed mostly higher following Powell's comments [7].

There are discussions highlighting Powell's views on the disruptive impact of cutting interest rates prematurely [8], emphasizing the need for more evidence of inflation before making a decision [9]. Despite signs of persistent inflation, Powell confirmed the Fed is still considering rate cuts [10].

The S&P 500 had gains and losses, particularly affecting cosmetic stocks due to soft demand outlook [11]. Speculation and analysis around Powell's stance on interest rates and inflation have been widespread [12] [13] [14] [15].

Intel's performance weighed on market sentiment, futures were slightly down, and investors awaited clues on the rate outlook [16] [17]. There were fluctuations in the South African Rand against the dollar [18], and the FTSE 100 faced its own challenges amidst developments in Brent oil prices and EU inflation concerns [19].

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