Judge Rejects

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A judge rejects Donald Trump's request to delay his hush money trial until the Supreme Court rules on immunity. Jack Smith criticizes Judge Aileen Cannon's handling of the case, while prosecutors accuse Trump of seeking delays due to media attention.

Outrage erupts as Trump's immunity plea rejected in hush money trial, setting stage for accountability over alleged criminal conduct.

Frustration and disbelief as New York judge rejects Trump's bid to delay hush money trial, as right-leaning sources criticize judge for silencing Trump and question recusal efforts.

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Former President Donald Trump is entwined in legal proceedings concerning hush money and classified documents. Jack Smith, an assistant to special counsel Juan Merchan, has expressed concerns about Judge Aileen Cannon's handling of the case against Trump, accusing her of stifling the proceedings [1][4][5][29]. Despite Trump's requests to delay the trial on grounds of presidential immunity, Judge Cannon has rejected these motions, emphasizing the need to proceed without delay [2][3][8]. The judge's decision was made based on prosecutors arguing that Trump's attempts to delay the trial due to media attention were hypocritical, as Trump had previously fueled the publicity himself [34][39]. Alongside this, prosecutors criticized the judge over her allegedly flawed legal premise regarding the case [48][49].

Jack Smith's dissatisfaction with Judge Cannon's handling extends to her request for jury instructions, which Smith believes is misguided and based on faulty legal foundations [5][46]. Trump's attempts to delay the trial on immunity grounds have been repeatedly rejected by Judge Cannon, asserting that the trial should not be put on hold pending a ruling from the Supreme Court on the matter [8][27][47]. This move has been applauded by prosecutors who are keen on moving forward with the case [34]. Classified documents feature significantly in the trial; prosecutors criticized Judge Cannon over her handling of access to these materials [49][50]. It has been reported that Trump has tried to circumvent certain restrictions imposed upon him, such as gag orders, which have been implemented to maintain order in the trial [51][52][56].

Overall, the legal battle involves intricate details, ranging from immunity claims, requests for delays, focus on classified information, concerns about media attention, and critiques on the judge's legal approach, demonstrating the complex nature of this high-profile case.

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