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The unveiling of King Charles III's first official portrait since his coronation by artist Jonathan Yeo has sparked controversy. The portrait, featuring a red background, has received mixed reviews, with some praising its humanity while others criticize it as bad art, breaking royal tradition and sparking social media roasts.

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Criticism of King Charles' official portrait: "Ominous, satanic, creepy, and banal at best."

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The recently unveiled official portrait of King Charles III has sparked mixed reactions from the public and media outlets alike. The painting, created by renowned artist Jonathan Yeo, features the monarch with a striking and rather unconventional color palette, dominated by shades of red and orange. While some critics have praised the portrait for its boldness and interpretation of the king's deep humanity [8], others have been less complimentary, likening the image to a fiery depiction or a monstrosity [11]. The portrait's unusual aesthetic has drawn comparisons to various pop culture references, with internet users drawing similarities to "Hell" and the villainous character Vigo from "Ghostbusters 2" [15, 31].

Photographer William Williams, known for his work with the royal family, commented on the portrait, expressing his surprise at the divisive reactions it has received [4]. Social media platforms have been abuzz with funny and mocking reactions, ultimately leading the portrait to be "absolutely roasted" and described as off-putting by some [5, 6, 13, 27].

Despite the polarizing opinions, the portrait was unveiled at Buckingham Palace in a ceremony attended by King Charles III himself, marking a significant moment as he continues his cancer treatment [26]. The unveiling of this portrait, the king's first since his coronation, has certainly captured the attention of royal fans, art enthusiasts, and the general public, sparking lively discussions about the role of art in representing monarchy and tradition [19, 22, 32].

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