Rory McIlroy Divorce

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Golfer Rory McIlroy shocks the sports world by filing for divorce from wife Erica Stoll just days before the PGA Championship. Reports delve into their finances, prenup, and signs of trouble in their marriage, while McIlroy's performance on the course amid personal turmoil is highlighted.

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Rory McIlroy, a well-known professional golfer, recently made headlines for filing for divorce from his wife of seven years, Erica Stoll, just days before his appearance at the PGA Championship. The couple, who has a three-year-old daughter, shocked fans with their split. McIlroy, a former world number one golfer, used Thomas Sasser, the same lawyer who represented Tiger Woods during his divorce, in his proceedings [1,2,3].

Reports indicate that McIlroy's marriage displayed several signs of strain before the divorce, with some sources claiming that issues had been ongoing for some time [4,5,6]. Despite the split, McIlroy reportedly aims for a respectful and amicable divorce with Stoll, whom he married lavishly in 2017 [7,8,9]. The divorce filing did not deter McIlroy from participating in the PGA Championship, with him taking to the course shortly after the news broke [10,11].

Before Erica Stoll, McIlroy was engaged to tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. Their relationship ended in a highly publicized breakup in 2014, after the wedding invitations had already been sent out [12,13]. McIlroy's earnings during his marriage to Stoll reportedly amounted to $110.9 million, showcasing the financial implications of the divorce [14]. The golfer addressed the divorce filing publicly, expressing his intentions to maintain a level of dignity and privacy throughout the process [15,16].

The news of McIlroy's divorce dominated headlines worldwide, as fans and followers learned about the end of the golfer's marriage to Stoll [17,18,19]. Despite the personal turmoil, McIlroy focused on preparing for and participating in the PGA Championship, showcasing his dedication to his sport amid his personal challenges [20,21]. The specifics of the divorce settlement and the future co-parenting arrangement with their daughter remain topics of interest as the story unfolds [22,23,24].

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