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Actress Sophie Turner opens up about the emotional turmoil following her divorce from Joe Jonas, describing it as the worst days of her life. She reveals the support she received from friends like Taylor Swift during this challenging time.

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After Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas announced their divorce, the aftermath proved to be emotionally challenging for the actress. Turner described it as the "worst few days" of her life as she navigated through the breakup [1]. She opened up about receiving support from friends like Taylor Swift, who offered her a safe space during this difficult time. Turner revealed that the gesture of kindness from Swift was incredible and appreciated [2, 9, 10].

During the divorce, Turner addressed the struggles and mentioned that she didn't know if she was going to make it through the ordeal. She also expressed how challenging it was for her to cope with the aftermath of the split [3, 8]. Turner shared that the hardest part of the divorce was dealing with the public scrutiny and criticism, stating that it added to the pain she was already feeling [4, 5, 7].

Despite the challenges, Turner highlighted the positive moments during the tough period, such as the support she received from her loved ones and friends. She acknowledged the kindness and care shown to her, which helped her navigate through the distressing time [6]. Turner's candid revelations shed light on the difficulties she faced post-divorce and how she found solace in the support and understanding of those around her [2, 9, 10].

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