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Violent riots in New Caledonia erupted over voting reform, leading to a state of emergency declaration. Three people died, including a French gendarme. Macron considers imposing a state of emergency. Over 130 arrests were made, and a curfew was imposed as unrest continues.

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The French territory of New Caledonia has been embroiled in violent riots following Paris's approval of voting rules changes. The unrest began as demonstrations over proposed reforms to the territory's constitution, resulting in several nights of clashes between protesters and security forces. Pro-independence supporters who felt marginalized due to the changes engaged in violent confrontations, injuring many and leading to significant property destruction. The demonstrations escalated into a full-scale riot, with reports of numerous arrests and escalating tension in Noumea, New Caledonia's capital. The violence claimed multiple lives, with at least four deaths recorded, including French gendarmes who were wounded during the unrest [source].

The situation became so dire that French President Emmanuel Macron considered imposing a state of emergency in New Caledonia to regain control amidst the violent turmoil. The authorities deployed additional police officers to the area, imposed curfews, and arrested dozens of individuals involved in the riots. The unrest also led to flight cancellations to and from Noumea [source].

Rioting intensified as gunfire erupted, targeting security forces, resulting in injuries and fatalities. The ongoing violence and civil unrest prompted neighboring Australia to issue travel warnings to its citizens in New Caledonia, urging caution due to the precarious situation. The protests were fueled by long-standing desires for independence, with tensions between pro-independence factions and those supporting France running high [source]. The situation highlighted the deep-rooted political and social complexities present in New Caledonia, underscoring the challenges in addressing differing perspectives and aspirations within the territory.

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