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Dean McDermott goes Instagram official with girlfriend Lily Calo, approved by ex-wife Tori Spelling amid their divorce and custody battle. Spelling is moving on and civil with McDermott, who finalizes a joint custody and spousal support agreement.

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Dean McDermott, who is currently going through a divorce with actress Tori Spelling, has made his relationship with his girlfriend Lily Calo Instagram official. The couple received support from Spelling herself as she approved of their relationship. Despite the ongoing divorce between McDermott and Spelling, sources revealed that Spelling is moving on and maintaining a civil relationship with McDermott, even celebrating his 51st birthday together.

McDermott and Calo's relationship becoming public on Instagram came amidst a custody battle involving the couple's five children. Spelling and McDermott are in the process of finalizing their divorce settlement, working towards joint custody of their children while also resolving spousal support arrangements. Despite the challenges of the divorce, Spelling has been supportive of McDermott and Calo's relationship, showing a positive attitude towards her ex-husband moving on.

Various media outlets reported on McDermott's Instagram post with Calo, confirming their relationship and shedding light on the dynamics between McDermott, Spelling, and Calo. The news of the new relationship has sparked discussions around the evolving relationships between the parties involved, with the public closely following the developments.

Overall, the story revolves around Dean McDermott going public with his relationship with Lily Calo on Instagram, Tori Spelling supporting their relationship, and the ongoing divorce and custody battle between McDermott and Spelling. Amidst the divorce proceedings and custody negotiations, all parties seem to be navigating their relationships with civility and respect while striving to move forward.

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