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Hailey Bieber's pregnancy cravings, including unusual and spicy foods, have been widely discussed. She and Justin Bieber have been spotted showing off her baby bump, with fans eagerly following their journey into parenthood.

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Hailey Bieber has recently announced her pregnancy with husband Justin Bieber, and the couple was spotted out together for the first time since the news broke. Hailey showcased her growing baby bump in a crop top and a suit ensemble while out with Justin, looking radiant and content [1]. As they embark on this new journey, the Biebers have been sharing updates that include Hailey's pregnancy cravings, one of which is a surprising penchant for spicy foods [2]. However, Hailey revealed her biggest pregnancy craving to be Wasabi-covered apples, a uniquely bold choice that she encourages fans not to judge [3]. The model also shared another one of her quirky pregnancy cravings, which intrigued many as she divulged her love for ketchup and peanut butter sandwiches [4].

Despite her unusual pregnancy cravings, Hailey continues to flaunt her baby bump with pride. She has been spotted sporting a butterfly-themed crop top that accentuated her growing belly [5]. Out and about with Justin, she opted for an oversized suit set, proving that maternity style can still be chic and trendy [6]. The couple, who have been married since 2018, are also focused on preparing for parenthood. Actor Will Smith, a friend of the Biebers, recently shared his parenting advice with the couple, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect between parents in raising their child [7].

As Hailey and Justin enjoy this special time, they are embracing the changes that come with impending parenthood. Hailey's openness about her pregnancy journey and cravings, along with her stylish maternity looks while out with Justin, have garnered attention and support from fans worldwide [8].

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