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Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi was involved in a helicopter crash with a hard landing in foggy weather. The incident prompted a rescue operation, leaving his condition unknown. The crash sparked widespread concern and prayers for his safety.

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Right-leaning sources express schadenfreude at Iranian President Raisi's helicopter incident, highlighting incompetence and misfortune, implying his administration's problematic nature.

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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was involved in a helicopter incident where the aircraft was reported to have made a hard landing. The incident took place during a trip where President Raisi was accompanied by several ministers and advisers. The helicopter was traveling in dense fog when it encountered the difficult landing, prompting rescue teams to be dispatched to the scene [1]. State TV reported the incident without providing further details initially but confirmed that the President was unharmed [2]. Reports of the incident were carried by various news outlets globally, indicating the widespread interest in the event [3]. Rescue operations were launched in an attempt to reach the site of the helicopter incident [4].

The incident generated a significant buzz in the media, prompting coverage from various sources [5]. While State TV initially reported the hard landing without much elaboration, the incident raised concerns, given that it involved the country's President [6]. President Raisi being unharmed in the incident was a relief, as authorities worked to ensure his safety [7]. The hard landing of the helicopter was attributed to challenging weather conditions, particularly dense fog, which made flying conditions difficult [8]. Rescue teams were quick to act, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone involved [9].

The incident was widely covered by international news outlets, reflecting the global interest in the well-being of President Raisi following the helicopter's hard landing [10]. The President's safety was a priority, and efforts were made to reach the site where the incident occurred as quickly as possible [11]. The event sparked discussions about the safety protocols and challenges faced by officials during such trips, highlighting the risks involved in transport, especially in adverse weather conditions [12]. Despite the tense situation, the successful rescue and President Raisi's safety were eventually confirmed, providing a sense of relief to many [13].

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