Verstappen Triumphs

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Max Verstappen wins the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix after resisting Lando Norris's attack, extending his F1 lead. Selena Gomez captivates at Cannes Film Festival in a red rose dress, receiving a standing ovation for her film "Emilia Perez."

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Over the weekend, the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix had a mixture of emotions and triumphs. F1 driver Max Verstappen claimed pole position equalling Ayrton Senna's record for eight consecutive poles [1] [25] [30]. In exciting qualifying sessions, Australian F1 racer Oscar Piastri showcased his potential, securing the second fastest time but later received a grid penalty due to blocking [3] [16] [22]. Daniel Ricciardo, Piastri's McLaren teammate, displayed a masterful performance in qualifying, securing an advantageous position for the race [5].

Alongside the adrenaline-packed racing events, the Cannes Film Festival unfolded. The spotlight was on Selena Gomez, who captivated the audience with her stunning black and white Saint Laurent gown at the red carpet [2]. Appreciation poured in for Gomez's role in the film "Emilia Perez," which received a standing ovation, including a tribute from fans that lasted 11 minutes [8] [10] [24]. The movie's star-filled cast included Zoe Saldana, contributing to the fanfare surrounding the movie's premiere at Cannes [12] [18] [27].

Despite the glamorous scene at the festival, emotional moments were also endured. Selena Gomez was seen shedding tears during the premiere of "Emilia Perez," showcasing deep emotional involvement in her character portrayal [4] [9] [20]. The movie created a massive buzz at Cannes, becoming a notable highlight of the event [13] [26].

In parallel, the F1 drama continued as Piastri's qualifying success was slightly dampened by the grid penalty, affecting his potential race outcome [21] [28]. The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix held expectations high for riveting races to come as Verstappen and his competitors prepared to battle it out on the track [17] [23] [29] [31].

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