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Jake Gyllenhaal's SNL appearance for the season 49 finale featured a monologue, sketches, and a Boyz II Men parody. Sabrina Carpenter joined as the musical guest, performing "Espresso." The episode included a spoof on Scooby-Doo and a skit about random attacks on actors.

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The Season 49 finale of "Saturday Night Live" featured host Jake Gyllenhaal and musical guest Sabrina Carpenter in a mix of humorous sketches and musical performances. Gyllenhaal starred in a skit spoofing "Scooby-Doo," where the gang faces off against The Beast [1]. He also delivered a monologue that included a song accompanied by the cast dubbed "I Wish We All Could Win" [2]. Additionally, Gyllenhaal sang a Boyz II Men parody, providing a comedic twist during his hosting gig [6][8].

Sabrina Carpenter made her debut as the musical guest on "SNL," where she entertained viewers with a performance of her song "Espresso" [3][10]. Her appearance included playing the character Daphne from "Scooby-Doo," adding a playful element to the show premiere [9]. Carpenter's whimsical performance of "Espresso" showcased her talent on stage and introduced her to the "SNL" audience in a memorable way [14][17].

Gyllenhaal's energetic and engaging monologue was a standout moment during the show's finale, earning praise for his charismatic presence on stage [19]. The episode included sketches like one about random attacks on actors, and another where Gyllenhaal attempted to cancel a flight multiple times [12][18][20]. Apart from the comedic segments, Gyllenhaal's performance was well-received, with fans enjoying his musical moments and lively interactions with the cast [21][23].

Carpenter's "SNL" debut was met with positive reviews, particularly for her performance and her portrayal of Daphne on stage [16][22]. Her rendition of "Espresso" added a sophisticated touch to the show, showcasing her vocal ability and stage presence [25]. Overall, Gyllenhaal and Carpenter brought a mix of humor, music, and entertainment to the "SNL" finale, making it a notable episode in Season 49 [28].

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