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Amid divorce rumors, Ben Affleck was seen without his wedding ring, sparking speculation about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Garner checked in on him, and photos of Affleck without his ring circulated, while Lopez and Affleck were spotted together.

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Amid swirling rumors of a split with Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck has been spotted without his wedding ring multiple times, leading to speculation about the state of their relationship. [1][2][3] Reports indicate that Ben Affleck has moved out of their shared home after being seen without the ring. [4][5] Despite attending an event with their children, the couple did not spend Mother's Day together. [6] Affleck has been photographed without the ring while house hunting, further fueling divorce speculations. [7][8][9] Recent images show him leaving their home without the ring while Lopez has been seen wearing hers. [10][11]

Social media posts, particularly those liked by Jennifer Lopez, hint at relationship issues with references to toxic relationships and heartbreak, adding to the divorce rumors. [12][13][14][15] Earlier, there were photographs of them together after over a month, but reports state that they are living apart for the time being. [16][17][18] However, it was suggested that while they are going through a rough patch, they are not divorcing and attempting to work on their marriage. [19][20][21] Despite the separation, media sources note that Jennifer Lopez is seen in good spirits during tour rehearsals. [22]

The situation remains fluid, with social media posts, sightings, and comments from sources all contributing to the ongoing speculation about the status of the relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. [23][24][25][26] Websites have been abuzz with paparazzi photos capturing the couple separately and analyzing the significance of them not wearing their wedding rings. [27][28] Rumors continue to swirl as the world watches to see how the situation unfolds. [29][30][31]

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