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Alice Stewart, a CNN political commentator and former Ted Cruz communications director, has passed away at 58. Tributes poured in from media colleagues and politicians. Her sudden death sparked an outpouring of grief and remembrance across various news outlets and social media platforms.

Sorrow and respect for the passing of Alice Stewart, a CNN political commentator, honoring her work and legacy in the media industry.

Heartfelt sorrow and shock over the sudden death of Alice Stewart, a respected CNN political commentator and former GOP advisor - a tremendous loss to the conservative community.

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Alice Stewart, a well-known political commentator and former GOP advisor, passed away suddenly at the age of 58. Stewart had a successful career as a pivotal figure in Republican politics before becoming a CNN commentator and contributor. Her sudden death left many shocked and saddened, with the news of her passing resonating across various news outlets and social media platforms.

Tributes poured in from her colleagues in the media and politics, remembering Stewart as a talented, dedicated, and beloved individual. Personalities like Jake Tapper, Megyn Kelly, and Ted Cruz, among others, expressed their grief and shared heartfelt messages in memory of Stewart.

The cause of Stewart's death was not immediately revealed, leading to speculation and curiosity among her fans and peers. The news of her passing sparked an outpouring of condolences and remembrances from those who had known and worked with her. Stewart's role as a commentator at CNN had made her a well-recognized figure in political journalism, and her sudden absence was deeply felt within the industry.

Stewart's passing came as a shock to many, leaving a void in the hearts of those who knew her and appreciated her work. The loss of such a prominent and respected figure in political commentary left a lasting impact, with the legacy of her contributions to journalism and Republican politics being fondly remembered and celebrated.

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