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Seize the Grey wins the Preakness Stakes, denying Mystik Dan a shot at the Triple Crown. Trainer D. Wayne Lukas, at 88, continues his winning streak. The wire-to-wire victory and Lukas' success are widely discussed in the horse racing community.

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Triumphant victory for Seize the Grey at the Preakness Stakes dashes Mystik Dan's Triple Crown dream, leaving right-leaning sources celebrating the underdog's success and the upset.

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In the 149th Preakness Stakes, veteran trainer D. Wayne Lukas, at the age of 88, showcased his continued prowess as a racing trainer by guiding Seize the Grey to victory [1]. Seize the Grey, ridden by jockey Jaime Torres, dominated the race and prevailed as the winner [2], denying Mystik Dan the chance to pursue the Triple Crown [3]. The victory marked Lukas' seventh win at the Preakness Stakes [4].

The horse racing world celebrated Lukas's remarkable achievement as he proved that age was no barrier to success, with Seize the Grey's triumph adding another chapter to his storied career [5]. The victory was hailed as a significant moment in horse racing [6] and earned Lukas accolades for his enduring skill and impact on the sport [7].

Seize the Grey's impressive performance at the Preakness Stakes underscored Lukas's enduring ability to train champion horses and compete at the highest levels of horse racing [8]. The win came after Mystik Dan fell short in its bid for the Triple Crown, highlighting the challenges and unpredictability of the sport [9]. Despite Mystik Dan's loss, the race showcased the excitement and drama that make horse racing a compelling sport to watch and bet on [10].

Overall, Seize the Grey's victory, guided by the seasoned expertise of D. Wayne Lukas, captured the spirit of the Preakness Stakes and added another memorable moment to the history of horse racing [11]. The race outcome demonstrated the blend of skill, strategy, and unexpected turns that define the sport and keep fans on the edge of their seats [12].

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