Usyk Triumph

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Oleksandr Usyk's split decision victory over Tyson Fury makes him the undisputed heavyweight champion. Fury calls for a rematch, while Usyk's injuries and emotional press conference draw attention. The fight's outcome and potential rematch generate excitement and discussion in the boxing world.

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Celebratory uproar as Oleksandr Usyk defeats Tyson Fury to claim undisputed heavyweight boxing championship, hailed as historic victory and an incredible achievement after 24 years.

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Oleksandr Usyk made history by defeating Tyson Fury in a close split decision [1]. The match made Usyk the first undisputed heavyweight champion in 24 years [2]. Despite some controversy over the decision, with Fury calling for a rematch as he claimed he won [17], Usyk, focused on heading back home and not interested in a rematch [18].

Fury blamed worldwide political issues on the split decision loss against Usyk [33]. The fight took place in Saudi Arabia [3], where Usyk was rushed to the hospital after the match due to a jaw injury [31]. The victory left Usyk in tears during the press conference [14].

The sport of boxing world reacted with Terence Crawford hailing Usyk as the top pound-for-pound fighter [26]. Meanwhile, Conor McGregor and Drake reportedly placed bets on the Fury vs. Usyk match [10, 25]. Usyk's promoter cited knockout potential and discussed the potential for a rematch [22]. Fury, raising concerns about a potential rift due to political events in Ukraine, blamed the judges for favoring earlier rounds [38].

Usyk's victory was marred by a broken jaw requiring hospitalization [30], while Fury, left confused about his next steps, pondered the possibility of a rematch [33]. Acknowledging that the fight lived up to the hype, analysts pointed out potential for a rematch given the thrilling nature of the first encounter [35]. Fury expressed readiness for a rematch despite loss and hinted at disputes over judges' decisions [40].

In sum, the match went down in history with Usyk emerging as the victor, sparking discussions among fans and experts about the fight's outcome and potential future rematches, leaving Fury contemplating his next career steps in boxing [9, 14, 33, 38].

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