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Francis Ford Coppola's long-awaited film "Megalopolis" debuts at Cannes, sparking divisive reactions. The self-financed project, starring Adam Driver, draws mixed reviews, with some calling it a masterpiece and others an abomination. The epic's surreal screening and the director's criticism of the studio system generate buzz.

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"Megalopolis" by acclaimed director Francis Ford Coppola made a significant impact when it premiered at the Cannes film festival. The movie, which has been in the making for decades, centers around the ambitious concept of a utopian metropolis, drawing comparisons to the iconic director's earlier works such as "The Godfather." Starring Adam Driver in a prominent role, the film captivated audiences with its grandeur and vision, although it also polarized critics.

Coppola, known for his strong opinions and independence from the traditional studio system, self-financed "Megalopolis," reflecting his concerns about the future of cinema and the constraints imposed by major studios. Despite drawing mixed reviews after its Cannes screening, the film generated intense debate about its quality and relevance in contemporary cinema. Some audience members even booed the movie, illustrating the divisive nature of Coppola's latest opus.

The star-studded premiere of "Megalopolis" attracted attention not just for its cinematic content but also for the presence of celebrities like Aubrey Plaza, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Richard Gere. Coppola, accompanied by his granddaughter Romy Mars at the event, faced a flurry of reactions, with some critics describing the film as a disaster while others hailed it as a masterpiece. The intense reactions and differing opinions surrounding "Megalopolis" underscored its status as a bold and daring project that pushed the boundaries of filmmaking.

The film's themes, including political and societal commentary, further added to its complexity and the audience's reactions. Despite the varied responses to "Megalopolis," the movie's grand scale, unique storytelling, and Coppola's unwavering vision ensured that it remained a topic of discussion and debate well after its premiere. Ultimately, "Megalopolis" proved to be an ambitious and thought-provoking addition to Coppola's legendary filmography, leaving audiences with plenty to ponder and discuss.

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