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Dean McDermott publicly acknowledges his new girlfriend, Lily Calo, on Instagram, receiving mixed reactions from the public. Tori Spelling, his ex-wife, shows support for their relationship. McDermott's move comes after his split from Spelling, sparking interest and discussion online.

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Dean McDermott, known for his time on shows like "Chopped Canada" and "Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off," recently made headlines when he took to Instagram to make his relationship with new girlfriend Lily Calo official. McDermott's ex-wife, actress Tori Spelling, also expressed her support for his new relationship, with McDermott praising her for being so understanding.

The public reaction to McDermott's Instagram post varied, with some praising the couple and others criticizing McDermott for moving on so quickly after his divorce from Spelling. However, Spelling herself seemed to have no issues with her ex-husband's new relationship and showed her support by commenting on the post.

McDermott's relationship with Calo seems to be flourishing, with the couple receiving positive attention from fans and celebrities alike. Spelling's mature and supportive response to McDermott's new relationship has also garnered praise, with many commending her for handling the situation with grace and understanding.

Overall, the story highlights how McDermott and Spelling have managed to navigate their post-divorce relationship in a positive and mature way, setting an example for co-parenting and supporting each other as they move on to new chapters in their lives. With Spelling's approval of McDermott's new relationship, it seems that the former couple has found a way to maintain a healthy and supportive dynamic for the sake of their children.

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