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Alice Stewart, a CNN political commentator and former Ted Cruz communications director, has passed away at 58. Tributes poured in from media colleagues and politicians. Her sudden death sparked an outpouring of grief and remembrance across various news outlets and social media platforms.

Sorrow and respect for the passing of Alice Stewart, a CNN political commentator, honoring her work and legacy in the media industry.

Heartfelt sorrow and shock over the sudden death of Alice Stewart, a respected CNN political commentator and former GOP advisor - a tremendous loss to the conservative community.

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Alice Stewart, a renowned CNN political commentator, sadly passed away at the age of 58. She previously served as a communications director for Senator Ted Cruz [townhall.com]. Alice Stewart's untimely death was met with shock and grief from colleagues and the media industry at large. Jake Tapper, Megyn Kelly, and many others paid heartfelt tributes to her [thewrap.com]. Her sudden demise had many people, including Ted Cruz, expressing their condolences and mourning her loss [the-sun.com].

Stewart's staggering career included being an award-winning CNN commentator before her passing. Her unparalleled expertise and insight in political analysis made her a highly respected figure [ijr.com]. Colleagues and friends remembered her as both beloved and gifted, emphasizing her significant contributions to journalism and political commentary [thewrap.com]. Stewart's death prompted an outpouring of grief and kind words from the media community.

The cause of Alice Stewart's death was not immediately disclosed [nydailynews.com]. However, her passing has left a considerable impact on her colleagues and the media landscape [nypost.com]. The news of her death circulated rapidly, with many news outlets covering her profound influence and the legacy she leaves behind [people.com]. Colleagues, admirers, and the public alike mourned the loss of this prominent figure, remembering her as a prominent voice in political journalism [usmagazine.com].

Alice Stewart’s sudden departure led to an extraordinary loss felt by all who knew her, with her work and contributions to commentary and journalism being recognized and appreciated [ijr.com]. The media industry and people worldwide mourned her passing, paying tribute to her exceptional career and the mark she left on political commentary and analysis [etonline.com].

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