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Elon Musk threatens to ban iPhones at his companies after Apple's OpenAI partnership. Apple unveils cutting-edge AI features at WWDC 2024, including ChatGPT integration with Siri. iOS 18 brings user-friendly updates. Musk's concerns about spyware and AI dominance in tech are widely discussed.

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Defiant outrage: Apple's new iOS 18 feature is seen as a potential cheating tool, Elon Musk slams Apple's AI approach, threatens device ban for integrating OpenAI OS.

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Apple made a significant move into the world of Artificial Intelligence by teaming up with OpenAI to bring cutting-edge AI features to its products. The announcement was made at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2024. Apple introduced iOS 18, which includes a number of new AI-driven features designed to enhance user experience. One highlight was the integration of ChatGPT, a powerful language processing AI model, into Siri to make the virtual assistant smarter and more intuitive. Additionally, Apple unveiled a major software overhaul for the iPhone, offering enhancements that aim to streamline and improve user interaction [source].

The introduction of iOS 18 brought exciting updates such as more user-friendly features previously considered complicated. Apple also made strides in the travel sector with new tools that leverage AI, Siri, and the company's augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. The unveiling of the Vision Pro VR headset and upgrades to the Apple Watch further showcased Apple's commitment to integrating AI into its products. Furthermore, the ability to rotate Wi-Fi addresses in an effort to enhance privacy and reduce tracking added another layer of innovation to the new operating system [source].

While Apple's move into AI garnered a lot of attention at WWDC, it also faced some challenges. CEO Elon Musk expressed concerns about Apple's ChatGPT integration, threatening to ban Apple devices from his companies due to the collaboration with OpenAI. Despite potential hurdles, Apple's foray into AI indicates a significant shift in the tech giant's direction, focusing on incorporating advanced AI capabilities into its devices to stay competitive in the market [source].

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