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The US lifts a ban on sending weapons to the controversial Azov Brigade in Ukraine, despite its checkered past. Attacks in Russian-occupied Ukrainian regions, Kherson and Luhansk, leave many dead. The move stirs tensions with Russia and raises concerns about escalating conflict in the region.

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Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have escalated as Ukraine considers keeping some of its F-16 warplanes abroad to protect them from potential Russian strikes [1]. The move comes as Ukraine fears potential aggression from Russia, prompting President Zelenskyy to seek support from Western allies, with the US and UK expressing solidarity [2]. This decision is part of Ukraine's efforts to bolster its air force, which has been historically under-resourced and outdated [3]. Amidst these developments, concerns of a potential World War III loom as Russia and Belarus conduct tactical nuke exercises [4].

In Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine, violence has erupted, leaving a significant death toll. In Kherson, up to 28 individuals have perished in attacks, with Moscow-supported officials confirming the casualties [5]. The situation in Luhansk is equally tumultuous, with reports of drone strikes adding to the growing tension in the area [6]. These incidents underscore the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, with Russian forces occupying parts of Ukrainian territory despite international condemnation [7].

The clashes in the occupied Ukrainian regions have drawn global attention, highlighting the fragile situation on the ground and the continued struggle between Ukraine and Russia. The attacks have resulted in numerous fatalities, exacerbating the already strained relations between the two nations [8]. Moscow-backed officials have pointed fingers at Ukrainian forces for instigating the violence, further fueling the conflict [9]. The international community closely monitors these developments, concerned about the potential for further escalation and the implications it may have on regional stability [10].

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