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Gareth Southgate hints at leaving if England doesn't win Euro 2024. Speculation surrounds his future. England squad prepares for the tournament in Germany. Prince William offers nutrition advice. Players like Jack Grealish and Tom Heaton are in the spotlight. England aims to make history.

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England's manager Gareth Southgate has stated that he may step down if England fails to win Euro 2024 [1]. As the tournament unfolds, excitement is building, with speculations on potential outcomes taking center stage in media reports [2]. Southgate's future with the team hinges on the Euro 2024 results, with expectations running high for a successful campaign [3]. Despite the pressures, Southgate and the England squad are determined to make history in what might be Southgate's farewell [4].

The squad, filled with talented players, is gearing up for the challenge of competing in Euro 2024 in Germany. Notable members include Jack Grealish, Declan Rice, and Tom Heaton [5][6][7]. The team is optimistic and believes they can achieve something special at the tournament [8].

Despite the upcoming Euro 2024, discussions about Southgate's successor have been put on hold by the Football Association (FA) [9][10]. Prioritizing the current tournament, the FA has decided to defer planning for Southgate's potential departure [11].

Prince William has even shared parenting advice with the squad, passing on valuable nutrition information he applies to his son, Prince Louis [12][13]. His involvement in the team's preparation reflects the widespread support and engagement surrounding England's Euro 2024 campaign [14].

Overall, the buildup to Euro 2024 for England is filled with high expectations, suspense, and anticipation as Southgate and his squad aim for a successful tournament where they hope to make their mark in football history [15].

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