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Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, found guilty on three felony gun charges. Jurors claim politics didn't influence their decision. President expresses love and pride for son's addiction recovery. Verdict seen as a blow to the President and potential fuel for Trump's rhetoric.

Hunter Biden's gun trial verdict is a Trump-inspired, politically-motivated attack on the President's family, lacking substantial evidence and fairness, echoing right-wing conspiracies.

Right-leaning sources view Hunter Biden's guilty verdict in his gun case as a moment of justice finally being served, exposing the Biden family's alleged wrongdoings and hypocrisy.

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Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, was found guilty on all three charges in a federal gun case. The charges included interfering with a flight crew, false statements on a firearm purchase form, and possession of a firearm by an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance. The case, which was closely watched due to Hunter Biden's high-profile status, surrounded a 2018 incident in which a gun was tossed in a trash can near a grocery store, and Biden's attempt to purchase a .38 revolver the next year. The trial sparked discussions around gun control and ownership, as well as scrutiny on the Biden family.

After the guilty verdict, President Joe Biden spoke, expressing his love for his son and emphasizing that the justice system runs its course independently. While the president faced criticism from opponents during the trial, he maintained his support for the nation's legal system and respect for the verdict [1]. The trial's conclusion led to speculation on how the conviction might affect the image and campaign of Joe Biden, with some suggesting it could be used by political opponents to criticize him [2].

The jury deliberated for hours before reaching a unanimous verdict, leading to a dramatic conclusion in the high-profile case. Hunter Biden's attorney stated that they intended to explore post-trial motions and further legal options [3]. The trial's outcome added to a series of challenges the Biden family has faced during Joe Biden's presidency, with their private lives under public scrutiny throughout the legal proceedings [4].

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