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Joey Chestnut, a 16-time winner of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, is banned from the 2024 event due to a deal with a rival brand of vegan hot dogs. Major League Eating is working to resolve the issue before the July 4th contest.

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Right-leaning sources are outraged at Joey Chestnut's disqualification from the Nathan's hot dog eating contest for endorsing vegan beef, calling it a ridiculous decision.

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Joey Chestnut, a 16-time winner at Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, has been banned from competing in the 2024 event. The issue arose due to Chestnut's partnership with a vegan hot dog company, which caused conflict with Nathan's Famous, the iconic event's traditional sponsor. Major League Eating, the organization overseeing the competition, is trying to resolve the issue before the event [1]. Chestnut's fame in competitive eating has garnered significant attention, and his disqualification has sparked discussions across media platforms [2].

Joey Chestnut is renowned not just for his eating prowess but also for his ability to consume large quantities of hot dogs in record time. The news of his disqualification has surprised many, leading to speculation about the impact on the upcoming July 4th contest, which traditionally draws massive viewership [3]. Chestnut's ban has been linked to his deal with the vegan hot dog brand, causing a rift with Nathan's Famous, who has held the event for decades [4].

Although happy news for Chestnut's competitors, his absence at the event will undoubtedly be felt by fans who have come to expect his dominance and fierce competition. The decision has left many wondering about the future of the hot dog eating contest and whether alternative contenders will rise to the challenge in Chestnut's absence [5]. The controversy surrounding Chestnut's disqualification underscores the intersection of sports, sponsorship, and dietary choices, with implications for both the competitive eating world and the broader entertainment industry [6].

Despite the setback, Chestnut remains a prominent figure in competitive eating and has a loyal fan following that eagerly awaits his return to the competitive eating circuit [7].

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