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Apple unveils AI features at WWDC 2024, including ChatGPT for Siri, sparking record-high stock prices. Elon Musk threatens to ban iPhones and Macs at his companies due to privacy concerns. iOS 18 brings practical AI to supported devices, while Apple collaborates with Google to train AI models.

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Apple has announced the upcoming release of iOS 18, which is expected to bring significant changes and enhancements to supported devices like the iPhone. The new update is anticipated to be released in the fall, with key features including an AI-powered Siri assistant, enhanced support for ChatGPT technology, and more advanced device integration options. Apple's aggressive move toward integrating artificial intelligence into its devices, including ChatGPT, aims to boost iPhone sales and revolutionize the capabilities of Siri. The tech giant's stock hit an all-time high following the unveiling of iOS 18 at the WWDC event, with investors optimistic about the AI-fueled growth prospects [1].

iOS 18 is set to introduce innovative features such as rotating Wi-Fi addresses to reduce tracking, personalized health monitoring tools, and cutting-edge password management systems. Apple's strategic partnerships with artificial intelligence companies like OpenAI to enhance Siri's capabilities and bring about a more intelligent user experience have been well-received. However, the company's latest advancements have raised concerns about privacy and addictive social media usage among children [2].

Elon Musk, known for his strong views on artificial intelligence, threatened to ban iPhones from his companies due to privacy concerns surrounding the integration of OpenAI technologies on Apple devices. This move highlights the ongoing debate about the balance between technological advancement and individual privacy rights. Despite the controversies, Apple's shift toward AI integration and advanced features in iOS 18 has drawn considerable attention, with the tech industry closely monitoring the developments as the release date approaches [3].

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